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Federal Skilled Trades Class

Having worked abroad helps provide two things – valuable work experience and much needed skills which can help you in immigrating to Canada.
Federal Skilled Trades Class (formerly known as the Federal Skilled Trades Program) is an immigration program designed to aid skilled workers who have at least one year of work experience to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. It is a part of the Express Entry System.

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Application Process:

Our experts at Eminent Immigration Inc. can help you by:
1. Applicants must show interest to permanently immigrate to Canada.
2. They must create an online Express Entry Profile
3. They must receive an Invitation to Apply from the Canadian Government for Permanent Residency before they can apply under the Federal Skilled Trades Class

Minimum Eligibility:

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1. A skilled worker can apply under this class for any province other than Quebec
2. He or she must meet the required English or French language cut-offs
3. He or she must possess minimum 24 months of skilled work experience
4. The skill in question must be listed in the National Occupational Classification (NOC
5. At least one-year full time employment from one or more employers in Canada or a Certificate of Qualification for that Skilled Trade, given by a Canadian Province or Territory

Occupation Categories :

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1. There are 90 NOC B level occupations which are eligible under this class of immigration.
2. Eligible occupations can be categorized as:
3. Industrial, electrical and construction trades
4. Maintenance and equipment operation trades
5. Supervisors and technical occupations in national resources, agriculture and related production
6. Processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators
7. Chefs and cooks
8. Butchers and bakers

Where our expertise helps

Our trusted experts at Eminent Immigration can aid you with:
1. Conducting a FREE Assessment and determining your eligibility for Express Entry System
2. Creation of your Express Entry Profile
3. Facilitation to complete Federal Skilled Trades Class Visa Formalities if you are invited to apply under Express Entry